The Program

Make some noise!  Using different types of hand-drums (congas, bongos, African djembes, doumbeks) as well as bells, shakers, gongs, and many odd instruments, participants will learn rhythm basics by playing musical games and engaging in various sound-making activities.


Participants will have the opportunity to try instruments such as one made from a bow, a washtub bass, and even one that is played without touching!  This program is ideal for participants who are just beginning to get interested in music, those who would like to improve their abilities on the instrument they’re currently studying, or for those who simply enjoy making a lot of noise!

Standard one-hour* session

The ideal length for a single program is one hour and generally uses the following format:

  • Introduction
  • Hands-on practice and technique
  • Cultural/history moment
  • Activity #1 (view lesson plan for activity and game descriptions)
  • Instrument show ‘n tell
  • Traditional rhythm practice
  • Activity #2
  • More instrument show ‘n tell
  • Another cultural/history moment
  • Activity #3
  • Free play
Recurring / In-residency programs

Each program can focus on a chosen theme using instruments from the culture or era, learning words and terms from the language or time, with games and activities appropriate to the subject.  Elements from the Standard Program will be mixed into the themes as fillers.   Instruments that are not “theme-based” may be used in order to accommodate larger groups.

A group may choose to focus on a specific theme for their program.  If there is a topic you that you would like covered, please contact me and I can customize a program to fit your curriculum.